Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Self Portrait as Phil sees me.

Any time Timothy Ojile offers a workshop it is a treat for me.  I cannot even remember what the title of the current series is.  The moment I heard about it, I signed up.  No questions asked.  Three Sundays in November from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Linekona.  Wheeeee!!!!

A painting depicting my muteness and powerlessness growing up in the war.

My alien creature

Self portrait of me as Baby (barely visible) and Crone

Shared painting depicting our Inner Bully


  1. Really appreciate the cat with human eyes symbolizing your fear and muteness, how insignificantly powerless it felt to be gripped in war's claws.
    Good work, you.

  2. Thanks, Kate. You are such a treasure. Wish you were here to share the fun in doing Timothy's strange exercises. I was too tired last night to describe them, but hopefully I'll have more time to include the background exercises for the paintings after the next two workshops.

  3. What did Phil say when he saw your work? Just curious! lol.

  4. Oh, Gigi, Phil is such a pushover. He loves everything I paint or write. He had a big laugh at that painting. It really is not about how he sees me, but how I THOUGHT at the time how he might see me. Of course, any portrait or self portrait is fictitious. Best to not take me and my art too seriously.