Thursday, October 3, 2013


My new tale/tail

Went to see Stuart at Hairspray Salon in Kaimuki (see: and told him, "I want the same haircut as Jen's."  Jen is his wife and business partner.

"Fine." he says and starts cutting away, exactly the way he did Jen's hair.  An original design.

But of course, Jen's hair is deliciously full and thick and has a great wave to it whereas, with age, my hair has become fly-away thin and sparse.  It won't look at all like Jen's.  What was I thinking?

"Just keep cutting." I tell Stuart. "Make it crazy."
He does and this is the result.  The front is just normal short, but the back...!  Insane!  I LOVE it!

I had brought my Don't Trip Over the Garden Hose book with me to read them the poem that Stuart stars in.  Here it is:


Is tiredness allowed in heaven?
Would there be room for lying
faking things
breaking down
nose jobs
those rattle-brain stupidities
that make each one of us so interesting?

My hairdresser in Kaimuki
hip archangel with scissors
will leave me ravishing
or wrecked
I may exit the salon
in a glorified body
or not

Is heaven like that
all or nothing?

Check out Hair Spray Salon at 1152 Koko Head Avenue.  Call 734-5775 for an appointment.  They rock!