Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Darling Alice Anne!

Mililani, Hawaii 2004

Alice Anne, my long-time “out there’ friend is at it again, badgering me to take a workshop.

“Out there” refers to not only where she lives (out in the country at a former Tibetan Buddhist retreat center) but also to where her mind roams.  She’s a psychic.  But otherwise normal.

For years she’s been telling me about this Hollywood guy who does something with writing or storytelling.  Sounds good, and yes, I write and I like telling stories, but my calendar is already chock full with more important things.  Plus, what?   I have to rough it?  Sleeping dormitory-style with… who-knows-who…?  Puh-leeze!

And this guy, Mark Whatever, I’m sure Alice Anne has a crush on him, the way she goes on about him.  Spare me, please.   

So, okay, he’s special and my writing will take off and I will be transformed and get discovered and be rich and famous and go to Hollywood and… 

Alice Anne just shrugs her shoulders and, turning away, says, “The meals will be catered by Henry.” 

Oh, wait, now you’re talking.  I love Henry and I love whatever he makes.  He is divine!  Totally divine!  I’d do anything to be married to a chef.  Except, it would have to be Henry.

And that’s how I got lured to take Mark Travis’ workshop ten years ago. 

That first workshop was everything I wanted and needed.  I wrote about my mother, wrote things I never imagined I would write.  

In all the years since, and continuing, I keep answering Mark’s challenge:

What would you write about if you had no fear?

 This is how I remember Mark the first time I met him

For the 15th year Mark Travis will teach his Write Your Life workshops!
Friday-Sunday, January 23-25, 2015
Friday-Sunday, January 30 - February 1, 2015

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Remember, Henry caters the meals.