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For Autobiographical Stories

In August of 2015, for the first time ever, Mark W. Travis will be offering newly-designed WRITE YOUR LIFE workshops in Hawaii that will incorporate the cutting-edge Travis Techniques of the Interrogation Process and the Power of Staging.

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August 7-9, 2015
Kailua, Hawaii

Those of us who write do it because there are stories inside us burning to get out. Writing is essential to our wellbeing. ~ Judy Blume

The core of every autobiographical story is the internal emotional life of the protagonist (you). Knowing and revealing that inner life is every writer’s greatest challenge. In this workshop, through the Interrogation Process, you will be given tools that will help you safely navigate your way through that inner landscape where you may discover startling truths. You will learn the techniques for sharing these truths in your writing in such a way that your readers/listeners are instantly and deeply engaged.

Whether you're a writer, actor, solo performer, inspirational speaker, memoirist, or just someone with an itch to get your life story on paper...  join us for a spectacular 3-day weekend of developing and shaping the stories that live within you. Experience The Travis Technique™ of the Interrogation Process, and ignite your writing!

Dates:              Friday through Sunday, August 7-9, 2015
Time:               9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Location:         Home of Rachel Funk Heller, 260 Kailua Road, Kailua HI 96734
Fee:                 $750 before July 15 Registration Deadline, $800 after the deadline.

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August 13–16, 2015
Honolulu, Hawaii

This unique four-day workshop focuses on one of the primary tools of autobiographical storytelling: PERFORMANCE.

A book must be an axe for the frozen sea inside us. ~ Franz Kafka

With the Travis Technique™ of the Power of Staging you will learn to better control your story and thus trigger the desired emotional response in your audience. This is the goal of every good public speaker and storyteller.

Whether you tell your story for the stage (your solo show), or for a work-related presentation, or for your own storytelling pleasure, it matters how you tell your story.  Your delivery determines the impact you have on the listener and consequently how you are perceived. Yet, many public speakers allow their lack of storytelling skills to undermine their intentions. Poorly presented stories can be detrimental. Stories staged with The Travis Technique™ can transform both the teller and the listener.

During the four days you will learn how to:
·         Establish an immediate connection with the audience
·         Stage each moment of your story to bring clarity and expose subtext.
·         Create memorable characters in an instant through vocal and physical signatures.
·         Perform multiple-character scenes
·         Distinguish the Two Narrators as different aspects of the self through voice, physicality and movement
·         Take the audience on an arc in relationship to both narrators
·         Create pace through rhythm and timing for maximum dramatic effect
·         Make the invisible environment visible
·         Establish the eye-line between two (or more) characters
·         Place the audience either outside the scene (observing) or inside the scene (experiencing)
·         Take the audience on your emotional ride
Shaping a short autobiographical story into a performance piece is an intense and exhilarating process.  The workshop will culminate with a group performance on Sunday evening, August 16th.  Grab this chance to experience The Travis Technique™ of the Power of Staging and ignite your storytelling!

Dates:              Thursday through Sunday, August 13-16, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Performance:  Sunday, August 16, 7:00 – 9:30 PM
Location:         Home of Sabra Rae Feldstein, 125 Hanapepe Loop, Honolulu HI 96825
Fee:                 $950 before July 22 Registration Deadline, $999 after deadline.


  • WRITE YOUR LIFE / ON YOUR FEET is limited to ten (10) participants who have taken a WRITE YOUR LIFE workshop before with Mark Travis or Elsha Bohnert.
  • Submit your 3-minute story to Mark Travis at before July 8th. Mark Travis will choose among the entries which 10 students will be accepted. 
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Take both workshops for $1500 (a saving of $200)
Take both workshops and sign up a friend: $1450 (a saving of $250)

Coming from Europe or Asia?
Pay only $600 for the WRITE YOUR LIFE workshop.
Or $1450 for both the WRITE YOUR LIFE and the WRITE YOUR LIFE / ON YOUR FEET workshops.

Send a non-refundable deposit of $150 to:
Boyden Road Productions
10322 Mary Bell Avenue
Shadow Hills, CA 91040

Mark W. Travis is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on the art and craft of film directing, writing and storytelling.  All of his techniques stem from the pursuit of organic and authentic performances that are deeply felt by audiences. He has served as directorial and creative consultant to Mark Rydell, George Tillman, Cyrus Nowrasteh, and dozens of Independent filmmakers in Hollywood and internationally. Mark is known internationally for the Solo Shows he has developed and directed over the past 15 years, and has been credited in the L.A. Times with having created a ‘new theater genre.’

Mark offers a series of “Write Your Life” weekend workshops for all writers, actors, directors and storytellers who want to explore the tools and techniques of autobiographical storytelling.  Since 1992 Mark has been sharing his techniques on writing, acting and directing across the country and worldwide. His first book on film directing, The Director’s Journey, became an instant best-seller (L.A. Times) and was followed by Directing Feature Films which is currently required reading by hundreds of film schools worldwide. His third book, The Film Director’s Bag of Tricks, was published in September 2011.  For more information:

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