Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Nursing staff having some Halloween fun

Phil went in for some surgery on Halloween and was welcomed by some strange characters.  It made everything so much lighter.  The surgery went well and Phil is recovering at home.

 Nurse Marie in her original Aiea High School cheerleader's outfit.
After two boys, with her oldest one a teenager already, 
it's amazing she still fits in it.

Scary clown in the elevator.  Those teeth!!!
Talking about teeth, I got some teeth models from my dentist.
I promptly used one in my Day of the Dead altar (right bottom corner).

And below is a photo of my finished altar, 
dedicated to my own Day of the Dead.
It's titled, "My Six-Word Obit."
My obituary written inside says:
"She thought she was really something."

Someone quoted Eckhardt Tolle saying something like, "In times of trouble, act like you're already dead."  Since I didn't listen to that particular CD, I don't know what the context was or even Tolle's exact words.  But my own take on it is to not get caught up in the ego's dramas. 

And here is another quote: "The universe is a harmonic field; all turbulence is local."  (Sorry, I can't remember the name of the wonderful musician who said that.)  Again, my own take on it is that any disharmony is part of the whole, just like discordant notes are needed to form complex chords, and discordant phrases are necessary to deepen the composition.  

I've had a lot of practice lately in discord as I'm reliving an age old pattern of the victim/perpetrator drama.  It's exhausting and I really wish to be done with it.  I would be better off remembering to take myself lightly, better still, consider myself a nobody going nowhere, and act as if I'm already dead.

Miss Sally Skeleton who lives in our Open Studio room at Linakona


  1. I hope Phil is feeling better. Too bad he needed surgery in the first place. But, those nurses all looked so cute! Eye candy for Phil!

  2. Phil looks pretty content for someone who's just had work done - wishing him all the best in his home recovery. Wellness, wellness, wellness, Phil - Pomaika‘i to you!

    But Elsha, as smart & as alert as you are, what's going on? How did
    you get pulled back into that crappola game? Oh, I have total faith
    you will pull yourself away, but yes, it's draining, exhausting &
    ultimately a useless waste of your precious life & its' distinctive
    energies. I'm pretty sure you don't have to be a nobody to say, "Enough!"
    With you in spirit, my dear. Many positives & blessings are on their
    way to you right this very moment.

    P.S.Go to your allotment, dig an empty hole, visualize the negativity,
    put it in the hole and cover it up again. The earth will neutralize it.
    It will not affect your garden, but you can say your mantras and the word, "enough" and be done. Wash what may linger by thoroughly soaping your hands asap. Yes, it's just a ritual... but go with it and
    be freed.

    My affection, Lady E. (never a nobody! ever!)