Saturday, December 28, 2013


 My left hand says 
I don't know
I didn't know
I didn't do it

So many things to  handle
so many to mishandle
It takes a saint 
to do the right thing

My left hand 
left alone
follows the arc of the moon
finds truth and freedom
where none is easily found
and draws sweetness 
from the hardest stone

Thursday, December 26, 2013


I don't often go to Shirokiya's but when I do, I make a beeline to their upstairs food court where a lot of the foods offered are unfamiliar to me.  Great for a tasting adventure if it were not for the price.  So I end up sticking with the usual, a saba or salmon mixed plate.  After watching them make taiko yaki, a stuffed kind of pancake, I decide to try one with chocolate filling. 

It turns out okay, but nothing to write home about.  I walk around some more and watch how shrimp tempura is made.

I sit down to drink some water and listen to my neighbors' conversation -- three heavily-tatted local guys of enormous girth, sharing beer from one of those huge table top beer dispensers. They're talking story, laughing, having a good time.

"You know da Punchbowl house?" says one.
The others nod.
"I ask my maddah why is my bedroom pink?  You know wat she say?"
"Koz my bed spread was pink."
Another says: "We had two rabbits.  One day I come home from school.  No rabbits.  Wat happen?  Somebody open da gate.  Rabbits jump out.  Dog eat them."
"Foh real?"
"Nah, I tink jes a story."
"Ya, wen you small kid dey tell you anyting.  One time I ask my faddah wat is a loading dock?  He say das where you can only load people in the car.  No can drop off.  Against da law."
"Eh, don't sneeze in my beer."
"Ya, one time my faddah had to do you know wat but no lua.  He jes go to a bush an stick his okole out lidis.  No squat, nottin.  Den boom, it come out.  I was impressed."

And thus ends my story about Shirokya.

I hope I did alright with the pidgin.  If not, so be it.  Like they say:

"If can, can.  If no can, no can."

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


From left to right: Zack, Lindsey, Phil, Monique and Gary

I can't remember when I last saw my nephew Zack, but it was a loooong time ago.  So we were super excited to see him and meet his wife Lindsey. 

To make sure I would take pictures, I had placed my camera in a prominent place on the counter, but after meeting the magic that is Lindsey and Zack, I totally forgot I even had a camera.  Only at the end did it dawn on me.  I'm not exaggerating.  Lindsey is so open and fresh, you cannot not fall in love and simply adore her.  And Zack is just as brilliant and thoughtful and warm.  The two together are irresistible.  Such a blessing to count them as family.

So here we are, finally, stuffed to the gills with food and satiated with stories.  Only Lindsey has an excuse to eat for two because she is pregnant.  

Phil took the next photo.  He must have been too excited because it 's pretty blurry.

Since space is at a premium in Waikiki, our building does not offer any guest parking.  So earlier that day Phil hunted for a parking place along Ala Wai Blvd to park our car there, so that Gary could park in our assigned parking spot in the building.  A good thing too because Gary and Monique brought half their kitchen along, plus Gary's favorite chair.  By the blurriness of the picture you can see how excited I was to see Zack & Lindsey. 

Like refugees carrying all their belongings.  Fortunately it's a happy trek.

Thank you to Monique and Gary for helping me with the dinner!  Gary fixed a pot of ravioli and finished baking the pesto salmon I had prepared (he is my salmon expert) and Monique brought an abundance of her signature yummy healthy dishes.  In contrast I splurged on two pies (pumpkin and chocolate haupia). Plus ice cream!  Oh well, just once a year.

Wonder who will be joining us for Christmas next year?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


On a field trip to the fabric store 
in Kaimuki I become intrigued 
with the rolls of fabric stuffed 
under a shelf on the floor.  

Rolls become circles 
within circles, 
deep holes, secret 
passages to nowhere.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Last Saturday I found my 90-year-old friend Betty Mae sitting in our cozy neighborhood park
 (Hobron & Lipeepee, across from Eaton Square), feeding "her birds." 
It was a beautiful day, a perfect time for taking a break. 
So I joined her on the bench for a chance to rest and let things in.  

 Three birds decide to use my foot as their foot rest.  
The third bird flew away before I had a chance to get it in the picture.  

Here birdie birdie...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Fine art photographer, Hawkins Biggins, mentioned that traffic cones often find their way into her images, like a recurring theme.  To my surprise I found some in my photos too.  But today they were EVERYWHERE.  In great quantities.  Impossible not to notice.  A glut of cones...

 For variety, some yellow wet floor cones

 Close up of cone bases

And finally this icon-e!