Thursday, February 16, 2012


Dr. P. has some great photo murals on the wall of his treatment rooms
What's up with me lately?  Am I turning into a hypochondriac?  I've been setting records in running to various doctors with all kinds of silly symptoms.  Do I need attention that badly? 

First my Jesus molar (extraction of upper right molar as sacrifice for all the bad things I've thought and said), then my right ear, and now my right eye.  Thoughts of going blind flash through my mind.  Slap me, will you?  I just have some scratches on my retina.  That's all.  Eye drops four times a day for a week.  Back for a check up today.  Oops, make that two weeks.  No, better three weeks. 

Okay then.  May as well have some fun taking pictures of Dr. P's office and treatment rooms.  As usual, contrast and color get pumped up for dramatic effect.  The photo murals on the walls are a great starting point.

Dr. P. wearing his bionic eye machine
Wall of designer frames
 Mirror, mirror on the wall. Whose the craziest of them all?

Next Monday I'll be at my dentist, Dr. R.
Let's see, there's Dr. A, Dr. B., Dr. D., Dr. P., and Dr. R.
Looks like I'm collecting a whole alphabet of doctors.

But maybe I better stop while I'm still ahead.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


SURPRISE! You thought you were going out for dinner, but it's is your birthday party, Victoria!
Victoria, Queen for a Day, on her throne with her special hat, mantle and scepter!
Surta gifting Victoria with a birthday poem
John celebrating Victoria with a poem on her presence everywhere around the world
Susan impersonating Victoria
Must wear red lipstick!
Passing on the red wig to Francesca
Then John.  And everybody else!
3 Flourless organic chocolate birthday cakes
Wishing Victoria a buddhaful birthday!

And everybody needs red lips like Victoria's!