Sunday, June 26, 2011


The best part of our apartment is our outdoor lanai dining room.

 The painting on the wall is one I did in Bali.
It's called "How I Plan to Lose Weight."

 The two Balinese figures I found stashed in the back
of a furniture store in Ubud.  Paid $15 for the set.
The shelves were left in a neighboring apartment on the way 
to be dumped.  The realtor was so kind to give them to me.
And yes, that's Phil's new basket ball.
He likes going to the school next door and shoot baskets.

This leather love seat is the best place to be for watching birds, trees, and rain.
The painted metal art piece on the wall was done by Bali trash artist Yansu.

 That was overly optimistic of me to think that I would finish painting 
the recliners last weekend. At the rate I'm going, they may never 
get finished and that's okay. They're functional painted or not.

 Sun in the mouth of the day
Moon in the teeth of the night
Taste everything, they say
Swallow nothing but light
~ Robley Wilson

Far from finished, just starting to get a feel for what the chair wants.
I have some free time next week.  Hope I'll get to paint some more.


  1. I love your home, Elsha -- that beautiful heart-shaped plant, the colorful tablecloth, and the great designs on your recliners, among other things.

  2. Thanks, Gigi. I've always appreciated our little apartment, but now that I know we won't have to uproot again for another two years, I feel more free to "nest" and make the place more my own. I'll have you and David over some time, okay? Just don't expect a culinary feast like you usually create.

  3. haha! you make me laugh! OK, that's a promise, Elsha.