Sunday, June 26, 2011


This is what I do to clear my head: mindless doodling, gluing, coloring, writing, whatever.  Last week I noticed that I had almost filled up another journal (I usually work on three or four at a time).  That's when my "get-it-done" pusher takes over and I concentrate on filling up every last page.  None of it has to be good.  It just has to be filled up.  Below are some of the pages with found notes.

 I found this in Kapiolani Park.

 This note was taped to the mailbox in the street.
With the mail person's answer.

Lost cat notice with ultra sound images of a bladder


  1. Your clothes make me want to put them into costume form for a musical - could be anything from Oliver to Hair to Rent... just to have you fill the stage with color and straggle and vitality.

  2. Amazing journal! If only you would spend a part of each day on your blog, you would have a daily blog instead of a sporadic one! Food for thought, Elsha. lol

  3. Hi Kate. I wish I could say that the clothes are entirely my design. But because I respect artists' copyrights, instead of ripping off an image I find on the internet, I hand draw it and add my own twists to it. That's the case here. Usually I note down the original artist's name, but somehow I forgot to do so this time. One of my main distractions is surfing images of Japanese street fashions. Talk about costumes!!!

    Hi Gigi. Good suggestion, my friend. As it is, though, I already spend too much time on the computer. And there is something about handling physical materials (paper, paints, pen) that is really satisfying to me. Plus, it's private in the sense that I'm doing it for nobody else but me. Doodling has no purpose other than itself. My blogs are of a different nature altogether. I enjoy reading your daily blog and am grateful that you take the time to write something every day even when you're sick and in the hospital. Amazing!