Saturday, January 15, 2011


I love my super comfortable, gray and turquoise, open KEEN shoes.  They're more like a sandal, a sturdy sandal.  They looked bright and gorgeous when I first got them, but they've long lost their "new shoe" shine.  You can tell that they've not been sitting in a box in the closet all year. 

My well-worn, well-ventilated (meaning with holes) KEEN shoes

They've been through sand, grass, mud, and rain.  I wear them walking, shopping, gardening, driving, working, dancing, stomping, anywhere, anytime.  As a result I've developed sun tattoos on my feet that look like either exotic leopard spots or a fatal skin disease.

 My lovely KEEN sun tattoos

 Sabra, me, Victoria

For my birthday last September, Victoria took me to a manicure and pedicure salon in Kahala.  Susan and Sabra joined and the four of us enjoyed the services of the very nice Vietnamese staff.

 With Susan

Sabra getting her feet "sanded"

Four pairs of painted toenails complete with rhinestones
See the line of rhinestones along the bottom of the toenails?
And there's our manicure!
* * * * *
How long do manicures and pedicures last?
Anywhere from one hour to....


Would you believe, more than FOUR (4) MONTHS!!!
At least this little remnant lasted that long.  
Who knows, it may even outlive me.

Here's to friends and nail polish!


  1. Funny, it seems the pedicurists all seem to be Vietnamese. I go to one in Stadium Mall every 6 weeks to 2 months. My polish is always silver with glitter. Isn't it great to be pampered?

  2. Fun article, Elsha. I spend my money on pedicures in Nails L'Mour at AMC. It's the one splurge I allow myself.

  3. In Boston on fancy, upscale Newberry Street, there is a section of shops, all about mani-pedis and all with Vietnamese operators. Dirt cheap as they're in competition for clients. A bit more expensive in Reno and again in northern Callie, but also with male & female Vietnamese personnel - anybody have any idea why??
    BTW...those rhinestones are uber-cool. Never seen that before!

  4. Could it be a remnant of the French influence in Vietnam? I should google the history of nail polish, manicures and pedicures. Thanks for posting a comment!

  5. You heard about the Japanese fish, I'm sure - the ones that nibble the excess dead skin off your feet. I'm told it's a pleasant sensation, but not
    one I've had access to nor tried myself.