Thursday, January 6, 2011


One of my past students in my Creativity Coaching Training arrived today from Philadelphia.  Since I had never met her in person (the coaching is done by email), I was eager to enjoy a visit with her.  We had a great time together.

Linda is a talented and accomplished mixed media artist, printmaker, and business consultant.  You can see her work at   I'm proud to have been her Creativity Coach!

* * * * *

As usual, walking through Waikiki to the Outrigger Waikiki hotel, where Linda and her husband are staying, offered lots of entertaining scenes.

A woman practicing clarinet under the banyan tree by the zoo

 A rugged-looking man, assumed to be the "Vincent" as announced on his hand-lettered t-shirt, wants you to talk with him about "Transportation and Employment Programs needed NOW."

 I love the unabashed use of colors by male Japanese tourists

"What's up with the tarps around the banyan tree?"  I asked a waitress at the banyan tree terrace of the Sheraton Moana hotel.  
"They infused the tree with oxygen to help it live longer." she answered.

For many decades, the banyan tree has given the terrace its wonderful atmosphere, sheltering guests under its branches as they sip their mai tais and pineapple drinks.  Sadly, in return, the tree was not allowed to replenish itself by growing its air roots into life-extending trunks.  The terrace would have been crowded out.   What will they do when it dies eventually?   Can you transplant another huge old tree there?

  * * * * *
Passing Waikiki Elementary School on the way back home, I found the front and side doors wide open.  A pounding beat made it sound like a big party was going on inside. But it was a Jazzercise class.

 Women of various ages, sizes and shapes.
Some were yelling as if they were at a party and having the time of their life.

It was led by a most energetic woman on stage who, when she saw me taking pictures, shouted, "Not fair! I didn't put on my make-up today."


They meet at 6:30pm for an hour on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Waikiki Elementary School is right down the street from our home.  I think I'll join.  It will be my equivalent of Oxygen Infusion like the banyan tree at the Moana hotel.  Hopefully it will make me live longer too, and healthier, and even happier!

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  1. Great pics, as usual. One of these days, you should tell us what you do as a Creativity Coach. What is that, exactly?

    I find it very interesting to meet bloggers in person. It's as if you know the person very well from their online diary, but don't know what they are really like until you meet them.