Friday, January 14, 2011


Every photo I take is perfect...  NOT!   Some fail.  Maybe they're fuzzy, out of focus.  Or the composition is boring.  Or they're just plain stupid.  And if it's a picture of me, it's really easy to find fault with it and press the delete button.

 I'm laughing, but I look pathetic. Boring picture...

I was sitting in a traffic jam and wanted to get a picture of Punchbowl, to show how green it is now after all the rains.  It came out fuzzy and pretty boring.

When Barbara gave me a ride home, I took a picture of her windshield wipers. Grayish colors and not the most attractive composition.

I used to just quickly scroll over such shots, searching for the better ones.  But not anymore.  Because I suddenly remembered what I used to do on Bad Art Mondays...
- Close my eyes and paint right over it.
- Bury it in dirt for a month, then dig it up.
- Crush it.
- Poke holes in it.
- Soak it in tea or Coca Cola.
- Stomp on it.
- Drive the car over it.
- And more...

And if nothing works?  Then tear the sucker up and use the pieces for collage.  Some of my best works contain parts of failed paintings.

Sadly, somewhere along the way I forgot about it when it comes to taking photos. 

But not anymore.  I'm back into making Bad Art and Bad Photos!  Hooray!!!  Now I go out and make bad pictures on purpose!  So easy... point and shoot... point and shoot.  Rush home and see what my sweet little camera has created.  Bad pictures?  YES!  Open up Microsoft PowerPoint photo tools and get to work!

WARNING  It will eat up your time, because it's so much fun, you don't want to stop.

 Bad Art rules!!!

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  1. You don't let anything go to waste, do you? I am famous for throwing things away. Maybe, I should give you my refuse. But, then, where will you put it all? haha