Friday, November 1, 2013


Here are some of the nice folks I met 
as I walked around the block.

Your regular neighborhood Zombies
out for a stroll

 On Lipeepee Road I found a clean white leather glove.
I picked it up and stuck it in my bag, thinking "Score!"
Shortly after I turned on Ena Road 
and saw this Gone-With-The-Wind couple.  
He was searching his pockets.
Oh, of course.
"If you're looking for a glove, I have it." I said 
and pulled it out of my bag.
"Thank you, my lady." he bowed.
His lady had sewn both their costumes.

Bob Marley lives and he's walking on Ala Moana Boulevard!

 I'm missing something here. 
What is that supposed to be,
the foil thing Superman is holding up?
Is he giving the finger alien style?

 Ninja sneaked up on me, 
but I caught him just in time.

Another mother who has lost her head.

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