Thursday, March 22, 2012


In my previous post I wrote that the area of restoration stretched from the Duke Kahanamoku statue to past the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  I copied that from the paper without thinking.  Geez!  I know better.  

The project really starts from the pier off Kapahulu Avenue, and at the moment goes as far as the Prince Kuhio statue.  They've been at it for a month already and they haven't even reached Duke's statue yet, their supposed starting point.  Go figure.  If they go as far as the Royal Hawaiian and beyond (and if they don't run out of money), the projected end date of April 14 begins to sound a bit optimistic.  Unless they mean 2013.  Or am I getting too cynical?

Allow me to indulge in my fetish for heavy machinery:

I hope the sun will eventually bleach the sand and clean it.

Toy trucks.  A boy's dream!

And the beach goes on...

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