Thursday, March 22, 2012


From left to right: Phil, Kim and Clarence

Phil knows how to choose his friends.  They gather once a month for an evening of male-bonding.  They don't usually come in costume, but the theme last night was the archetype of the Fool/Clown/Jester.  I suspect it was at Phil's suggestion.  He likes that kind of thing.  He has gone through two clown outfits, a monk's robe, and a Zulu Warrior costume (hilarious with his white skin).  Unfortunately for him, my habit of giving things away every time we move is not conducive for fulfilling his theatrical needs.

Meet Phil Bonkers!

 Figuring out how the phone works, guys?

Aren't Kim's teeth the ultimate in sex appeal?
They made him talk like Gomer Pyle.

Two members of the Men's Group could not make it.  
See what you missed, Michel and Joe? 
Why don't you two come as Darth Vader next time?



    You guys, especially Phil!, need to get Trilby out there to give a workshop somehow. I have known her artist parents since Trilby was a lil 'un. Good people. It would be such fun for everyone. The Honolulu art & theatre community would really appreciate her.

    Check out her website and see what you think. Enjoy!

  2. Hilllllarious...Phil is so lucky to have you, my dear, and of course you are blessed to have him in your life. You both make a great couple and I just love reading about all you all's adventures. rocking chair for you two.

  3. I am amazed that Phil likes to dress up in costumes. He didn't seem the type. Will wonders never cease!