Saturday, February 19, 2011


The Clothes Chick is a resale clothing boutique on Kapahulu, within the radius of my Waikiki wanderings.  I had been in it only once before and fell in love with its utterly charming décor – lime green and violet walls, whimsical painted furniture, and a forest of colorful umbrellas blooming from the ceiling.   Didn’t have any money on me at the time and didn’t find anything I wanted anyway. 

So yesterday, after finishing my errands at the bank next door, I thought I’d just pop in to get another boost of its delightful atmosphere.   I don’t need to buy anything.  I have enough clothes.  But just in case I find something I like, that fits me, and doesn’t make me look like an aging hippie, I have developed an excellent anti-consumption strategy: Instead of buying it, I take pictures of it.  That way I still get what I want, but virtually.   It also makes me feel ever so virtuous.  It works with desserts too. 

So I’m in the store admiring the fancy red velvet sofa, when my eyes light upon a divine gauzy shimmery something... it's not a jacket or a blouse... whatever it is, I try it on.  It's too big, but it's so beautiful...  I know what you think.  You think I'm going to break down and buy it.  Right?...  Right.  Exactly.  I bought it.  Never even thought about taking a picture.  In my defense, I have to say that everything in the store was half off.

Now here’s something I didn’t know: You can book the store (free of cost) for an evening of shopping with your co-workers, families, friends, or club and they will provide pupus and refreshments. A minimum of 12 people is required.

 Sucking on a pair of designer sunglasses while mom is shopping

The Clothes Chick, 415-B Kapahulu Ave., between First Hawaiian Bank and Chevron.  You can parallel park next to the store by Chevron or behind the building.  Tel: 942-2442.


  1. You're bringing back nice warm thoughts of my years on Ho'olulu St. (almost right at the corner w/ Kapahulu). I did love going for walks in my neighborhood. It was surely it's own entertainment, the people watching and the popping into various little establishments. Catching the trolley back if one over-estimated one's walking prowess or had an oops-look-at-the-time moment.
    Glad you had a 'find' and a made a lovely little memory for yourself at the same time!

  2. Kapahulu is very different from Mililani! lol.

    Imagine if my home looked like this store! Gorgeous umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, colorful sofa and pillows. Dare to be different! But, I wonder if I'd get tired of living with so many colors. Would they detract from the art on the walls? hmmm.

    Love that little something you bought for yourself. Maybe, you can use part of it for a tie for Phil.

    Funny you mentioned "aging hippy." Perfect term! haha.

  3. Our house in Mililani was kind of like that, filled with my works of trash art, painted doors and furniture, big ping pong / work table in the living room, plus a dozen or so dressed up mannequins greeting visitors. I obviously like taking things over the top and then some. It never got old because I was constantly moving plants,furniture, and art work around. For me it was a hoot. For some people it was scary.