Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I have a thing about old things.  It must be related to my own aging.  This car, or what is left of this car, sits in a rock-walled open garage on Leahi St.  I got all excited when I saw it.  You wonder about the story behind it.  I don't know anything about cars, so can't say what make, model, and year it is.  What did it look like when it was brand new?  Who was the proud owner then and who owns it now?  Is it a matter of attachment, of not being able to stand the thought of having it towed away and destroyed?  Is it a financial issue?  Is it sheer neglect?  Has the car been left there so long that it has become invisible, forgotten?  The inside has been trashed.  I wonder who got their first driver's license in it, who made out in the back seat, what songs were played on the radio...

It makes me wonder about the cars I've owned in the past.  My first two cars, a second-hand white VW Bug and a brand new orange VW Beetle, were both stolen from me, so they were most likely cannibalized for parts.  Poor babies.  My VW Camper Van with a pop-up roof, though, may still exist.  Who knows.  There are people that are rabid VW lovers, who hoard them like treasures.  My last VW was a Rabbit Convertible.  We shipped it over to Hawaii when we moved here in 1989.  We switched to Hondas and now Subarus, or more accurately, one Subaru.  Living a simpler life means doing with one car.  So far, so good.

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