Tuesday, December 14, 2010


For many years, on Monday mornings, our Mililani garage served as an open studio for making Bad Art.  Artists from around the island would come over and enjoy a couple of hours playing with paints and stuff. We called ourselves the BAM (Bad Art Monday) Babes.  Bad Art was followed by Bad Lunch, but not for long because we had some gourmet cooks with us.

After four years or so (I'm terrible with dates), we decided to start doing the exercises in Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way of Life (AWOL), hoping it would somehow kick us up another level.  Instead of weekly, we started meeting once a month and rotated hosting the meetings.  After finishing Julia's book, we continued meeting, so that after - how many years now? - life without AWOL is unthinkable.  I learned that the hard way while I was in Bali. 

This month Lisa invited us to meet in the lounge area of Smokin' Bob's BBQ in Kaneohe, also a place to take your car to if you need any muffler work done.  Funky, funky, funky!!!  Trash art made from auto junk everywhere.  Sorry my pictures of the trash art did not load correctly.  But check out the outside wall murals!  Did you know we had anything like this in Hawaii?

And here's what you find on the roof!

The theme for our December meeting was "Improvisation."  Here are pictures of our brave Improv Stars.  Check out the backdrop of painted canvas walls.

Margo doing her Xmas version of Hey, Big Spender and yes, those are decorated deer antlers on her head.

 Kris had us howling with the story of her recent visit to her gynecologist.

Susan and Sunny doing a skit on a girl's first period.

 Lisa and Patrie in a skit of a preacher and a party girl meeting in an elevator.

 Victoria and Margo saying a prayer with heavy Mexican accent

 Ria and Alexandra kicking back

 Sunny and Victoria

 Half a group picture.  The other half had already left the meeting.

AWOL rocks!

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