Monday, September 6, 2010


"Boundaries" (front view), blouse with appliqued pockets, 2008

"Boundaries" (back view)

"Boundaries" (detail)

I'm going over photos of my old work and will use this blog to post some.  It's funny how my art pieces feel both familiar and foreign to me.  I remember making them and I also remember detaching myself completely from them, so that when I come across any of my work in someone's home, it's like finding an interesting new artist.  Damn, I did make some trippy stuff.

This was one of my most fun projects.  Ria had donated the stretchy white top.  I had collected a bunch of little pockets and put them together with pieces from an old pair of boxer shorts, that had the word "No!" printed all over it. The two-year-old in me loves saying No!  This piece was exhibited at the Bishop Street Gallery in 2008, at a show curated by David Behlke. 

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