Friday, December 30, 2011


Royal Court Caterers, Courtney & Evelyn Barry

At Kris Barry's art show opening last 11-11-11, Phil won the big prize of a dinner catered by Kris' son, Courtney Barry, a professional chef.  Since our daughter Kiki had a birthday coming up, we thought it would be wonderful if we could celebrate it with that promised catered dinner.  We were so lucky that Courtney was available on the date we wanted, and that's how we ended up with a marvelous birthday dinner on our lanai last night!

We started off with a yummy vegan split pea soup.

And here is our entree:
Pasta with fresh and tender pesto mahi-mahi 
and crunchy sauteed vegetables.

Dessert was vegan chocolate mousse topped with fresh raspberries.
Can you believe, I was so eager to dive into it, I forgot to take a picture of it!

Here's Kiki, the Birthday Girl, with hubby Gary 
whose own birthday is coming up pretty soon too.

And here are the happy receivers of the Royal Court Caterers.
We feel so blessed!

Thank you, Courtney and Evelyn!!!!
You knocked our socks off!!!

And thank you to Kris Barry 
for having such a talented son and daughter-in-law,
and for picking Phil's name as the prize winner!

Below are some photos of Kris' show, called "Bits & Pieces,"
after the bits & pieces of fabric she likes to stitch together.

Yay for Art & Eating & Birthdays!!!

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  1. oh, how colorful this post is! I love it, Elsha. There are so many ways to prepare food. Right now, I am on a mission to find recipes for vegetables online. Besides steaming them, how else can broccoli be prepared, for example? HAPPY NEW YEAR!