Saturday, October 15, 2011


Most times it doesn't matter to me to get a picture of myself at an event, but this time it does.  I want to be on record that I was there.  I was part of this massive GLOBAL event!  I did my part, added my voice, my spirit, and it felt fantastic.  What a blessing to be a witness to, and a participant in, the hopeful stirrings of a new consciousness.

Robin Hood was right


  1. Several cities make it illegal to wear masks - from London (England) to NYC to, lately, Boston. I don't know if the picture was faked or not, but Wikileaks released a pic of Julian Assange being harassed by cops for wearing a Guy Fawkes mask at the gathering in London today. Your occupation seemed endowed with far more aloha than elsewhere in the globe (well, of course, it would, wouldn't it?!) Glad to see & sense the goodwill in Waikiki today.

  2. Wearing a mask on a hot day and walking from Ala Moana Beach to Kapiolani Park sure takes commitment and stamina. I don't know how those guys did it.

    Masks carry mysterious powers, as do veils. It does not surprise me that they would be considered threatening and even be outlawed in certain places. It's all very fascinating to me.

    All I can say is that it is a great privilege to live long enough to experience this long-awaited shift in consciousness. Glad to have you with me, Kate.

  3. And our mutual pal Ka'imi is of the same mindset - the shift IS happening. NOW.

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote on FB:

    To all occupiers out in the snow, sleet, rain and chill, thank you
    for doing what you are to show the world America's people want
    change, even as personal hardships and difficulties increase with
    every passing minute.
    I know I'm not the only one feeling enormous gratitude & pride
    as winter wraps around your campsites. Once again, our great
    thanks for your efforts on the country's behalf.

    I still feel this. Blessings to all who participate, at whatever level
    of involvement it is possible for them to do so. Success will not
    be a gift that just drops in our laps, it will take work after the initial willingness to believe that true change is possible. (It's already
    begun, with BOA backing down on charging for debit card use).
    So, bravo to all 'Occupy' folk, you're doing something very special indeed!