Monday, July 19, 2010


My half of plot 22 at Diamond Head Community Garden

I got lucky.  It usually takes six months to a year before a garden plot becomes available to the person on top of the wait list, but my neighbor Paula told me about someone who needed a co-gardener and I jumped at the chance.  Another neighbor and fellow gardener, Leila, helped me get started.  We planted strawberries, Manoa lettuce, two kinds of spinach, kale, two kinds of mint, green onions, white onions, lemon grass, and flowers of lavender, nasturtium and marygold.  Amazing, after two months there was already plenty of lettuce, green onions and mint to harvest!  Kale and spinach followed soon after.  I'm now supplying enough for two families.  Now, if only I could also cook...


  1. Gee...Elsha..sistah...if only I was there in Honolulu..I would cook for you. All that delicious and super fresh produce...mmmm...yummm...spinach and tomato covered nachos with jalepenos..cucumber egg salad..lemon grass in Thai chicken curry...Mint for the MOJITO's...

  2. You're making me hungry, girl. Not fair.