Monday, July 19, 2010


"On the Verge" (2010) - Mixed media on paper 18"x24"

There are three things I want to do before I die, but most likely won't:

1) Rent an RV for two months to explore Europe with my daughter, just the two of us on a buddy trip.  Reasons why it won't happen: She has a husband and a job with not enough vacation time.  It requires more money than I can afford.  Her husband and my husband cannot do without us for such a long time and will want to come along.

2) Write a poem every day so that within one year I will have enough poems to choose from and polish/rewrite to publish in a chapbook.  Why it won't happen: I'm so easily distracted with other things.
3) Hang a bell or chime from every tree in Kapiolani Park in Waikiki.  Why?  Trees need bells.  Just imagine the concert of tinkling sounds.  Why not?  It's a lot of bells to make and the City probably has a rule against it.

Which one will I most likely manage to do if the circumstances would change?
My answer?  Number 2.  I may just be able to discipline myself to keep writing no matter what.

When I told my daughter, she exclaimed, "What?! You didn't choose number 1?"

Wow, what a great response.  It makes me so happy that she likes to spend time with me.
"Okay then, but we'll both have to commit to finding a way to make it happen."
And somehow, I will come up with a book of poems too.

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