Friday, June 13, 2014


The construction site at Kapiolani Hospital fascinates me.  All that macho heavy machinery gives me a testosterone rush.  I think I'd be really good driving all that steel and growl.  What really strikes my fancy, though, are the cranes.  And today I got to see something I'd never watched up close before.  At least, as close as I was allowed.  The pictures will have to tell the story.

Out on the street is a truck is waiting,
loaded with steel girders for reinforcing concrete columns.
A worker comes to attach the girders to cables attached to the crane.
He has climbed on top of the load and is looking up 
at the crane cables swaying way above him.
He takes hold of the cables .
Two girders are now attached to the crane cables.
Okay, everything is hooked up and ready 
to be lifted over the pedestrian walkway into the construction pit. 
I'm shooed out of harm's way.  Of course.  I understand.  
The thin plywood roof over the walkway 
is no match for all that steel if it were to come crashing down.
The next pictures I'll have to take from a distance away 
with my so-so Android zoom.

Slight raise...  didn't expect those things to be flexible.
What else don't I know?

Little higher...
And off she goes...
Cool!  So glad I saw it and could document it.
Raising steel!


  1. I used to work in the cargo hull of ships, loading bales of palm-pits (from Indonesia) onto a net into a pile, then alert the crane guy to lift it up and swing it onto the quay. Sometimes the net wasnt gripped right by the hook of the crane and all the bales would come raining down on us.

    1. Wow, raining bales of palm pits... another interesting part of your history coming to light. I assume that was in Rotterdam?

  2. Remind me what was removed to free up this space. I can't remember what could possibly have been there, unless they're building across the street from the original building... ideas, Elsha? Anyone?

    1. Kate, it was the old parking structure. Parking now is a little farther down on the Diamond Head side. Very efficient, more floors, more parking, smaller foot print. I remember how stressful it was going around and around, not finding any parking, and trying to be on time for your appointment. This is definitely an improvement.