Saturday, January 11, 2014


Last night I hurried to get to the dojo before they closed but got stopped in my tracks by a scene that seemed straight out of a movie.  Two musicians and their dogs had set up shop right by the entrance to Eaton Square.  Wish I had had the wits to have taken pictures of their "caravan" of stuff: two strollers modified to hold their belongings.  One stroller had a large homemade wooden box fastened on top of it, filled with I don't know what all.  Like the musicians, the box had obviously weathered a few seasons.  

She said that she was a germophobe and that they played mostly Bach but also did numbers by Herb Alpert.  When she did not recognize the piece the man played, he told her it was Vivaldi, and then sang her some phrases to help her remember.  The dog got up, circled his pad, and laid down again.  I felt like I had stepped into a time warp where forgetting was as important as remembering.

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