Friday, May 11, 2012


Rembrandt, Self Portrait
In my dream I'm hosting a party for artists and other friends when a well-known woman artist approaches.
In my waking life, this woman once tried to discredit me, but ultimately failed.  I haven't seen her since.  Now she is in my dream.   
I welcome her.  
She ignores me and starts recruiting people to run for office of the Honolulu Pen Women. 
I tell her, “It’s done already. Sabra is president.” 
She stops in her tracks.  She turns her back to me and walks off. 
Oh no.  Not so fast.  I grab her by the arm.  She stops.  
“I’ve got to know something,” I say as I face her up close. “What about that thing in the past?” 
She stares at a spot below my left eye. 
“Your left eye is good,” she says, “and there’s a beautiful spot right below it.” 
I wake up puzzled.  What's that about?

Later when I check my emails, I run across a reference to Rembrandt lighting:

"When a portrait is lit by just one light source from a 45° angle to the model, one side of the face will be lit up and the other side will be part light, part shadow.  A reflection screen can be used to lighten up the shadows.  When a small triangle of light appears under the eye that is on the shadow side of the face, it is called the Rembrandt Triangle.  It's what makes his paintings so compelling."

 Rembrandt, Self Portrait

Still don’t know what to make of my dream, but the connection to Rembrandt is fascinating.   So for fun I checked some photos of myself and found one that sorta-kinda shows a Rembrandt Triangle under my left eye.  

The original photo was by my childhood friend and noted Dutch body painter Ferry Zeeman
My apologies to Ferry for changing the photo by increasing the contrast to make the triangle pop.
Now I'll be looking for Rembrandt Triangles in every picture.


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    1. Thanks, Nancy. Do you blog too?

  2. HAHAHA....Rembrandt eh? Who the heck dreams of Rembrandt? Can't you dream of something normal like PHIL!!!!

  3. Too bad that woman was so unpleasant. Wishing you happier, less puzzling, dreams in the future. (I can never remember my dreasm! Lol. But I do sometimes sleep walk. Now, that is freaky!)

    1. Recently I read that an increase in sleep walking has been reported. I forget the reasons for it. My question: How do you know you've been sleep walking?

  4. when David wakes me up while I am walking or rummaging through stuff.