Thursday, February 16, 2012


Dr. P. has some great photo murals on the wall of his treatment rooms
What's up with me lately?  Am I turning into a hypochondriac?  I've been setting records in running to various doctors with all kinds of silly symptoms.  Do I need attention that badly? 

First my Jesus molar (extraction of upper right molar as sacrifice for all the bad things I've thought and said), then my right ear, and now my right eye.  Thoughts of going blind flash through my mind.  Slap me, will you?  I just have some scratches on my retina.  That's all.  Eye drops four times a day for a week.  Back for a check up today.  Oops, make that two weeks.  No, better three weeks. 

Okay then.  May as well have some fun taking pictures of Dr. P's office and treatment rooms.  As usual, contrast and color get pumped up for dramatic effect.  The photo murals on the walls are a great starting point.

Dr. P. wearing his bionic eye machine
Wall of designer frames
 Mirror, mirror on the wall. Whose the craziest of them all?

Next Monday I'll be at my dentist, Dr. R.
Let's see, there's Dr. A, Dr. B., Dr. D., Dr. P., and Dr. R.
Looks like I'm collecting a whole alphabet of doctors.

But maybe I better stop while I'm still ahead.


  1. An alphabet of doctors is so much better than an alphabet of
    diseases. Do what ya gotta do. Just as you'd schedule a car check-
    up, so it is with bodies. I'm drinking hideous stuff in the wee hrs
    of the am and then on way to gastroenterologist to see about
    my esophageal hernia and other inner body discoveries. Not
    the most thrilling way to spend the day or dissolve the taste
    buds! Operation(s) for after they've done the photo shoot! Ah
    well....mahalo for distracting me with yer uber-bright pix!!

    1. Kate, are you saying you need surgery on your esophagus? Oh girl, I hate hearing that. As if you don't have enough to handle already. My thoughts are with you.

    2. They ran into problems with the tests. Apparently my colon is all twisted away from how it's supposed to be, on top of everything else. So I go in for barium X rays on Friday. I don't know what they will do about the esophageal hernia (which the doc described as 'huge') and don't know anymore than them why the difficulties at the other end either. Some nurse says it could have something to do with scar tissue, but somehow that didn't feel right to me. I had no problems being tested previously. Oh well. Trying to have a lightweight mind week and not fantasize problems that may not even exist; deal with them when they have some facts to give me.
      And surely wish I was in Panama, as I glance over at my half-packed suitcases and wince a little (non refundable ticket I'm not even allowed to give to my daughter! How friggin' sucky is that - damn thing was NOT cheap.) Still I've got through half Sept to reuse it (with fee naturally). Unfortunately it's the rainy season from mid April or so on through Nov. which was not the idea of taking my bod to the sun and a colorful culture I'd never seen before!
      I'm thinking I will try and go anyway, as long as the pain is controllable and I can actually
      DO something there.... like walk in the jungle areas and see indigenous tribes and, of course, the canal - all on a student budget, as if I was 17 again!!!
      Mahalos for the kind wishes. They are def. appreciated. Let me get through Friday, and we'll take it from there - one more thing at a time.
      I'm so lucky to have pals, even if they are far too far away. Aloha for now,
      me x

  2. Poor Elsha! Hang in there! David has been visiting a slew of doctors, too, as you know from reading my blog. I just hope he doesn't get fired for missing so much time at the office.

    1. My situation is nothing compared to David's. Plus, I don't have a job to risk. I was just whining.

  3. Don't you love the word winge-ing, an Australian British usage that was not about when I lived in Europe but means whining? I've decided to adopt it into my vocab as it sounds so appropriate for what we humans all do sometimes - having a good old winge about something! (Long win rhyming with bin, short ge)
    Another one my UK sis-in-law explained to me was 'putting yer slap on' meaning going out in full make-up or the process of getting ready to go out so prepared. That one appealed to me too, for some reason.

  4. are right....each day brings a new minor little annoying thing with the body...if not the eyes, then the stomach, or the other end ;(, or "pain" somewhere is always in the daily forecast....
    ignore it all....we are all going to die anyway :<( Dance...laugh...paint...write...sing at the top of your lungs while walking on the beach....DO do something to get these "body issues" AWAY...and..AWAY you go!!!

  5. RAIN DROP, you got it. Death is always lurking around the corner. Knowing it will all pass, is what makes living so bittersweet sweet. Praise Death!

    Dear multi-talented creative beloved KATE, I keep seeing you in Panama, happily tromping through the jungle, defying the demons of illness.

    I remember my teacher Richard Wolf. When I told him twenty-three years ago that we were moving to Hawaii, he turned quiet for a moment, then said: "It's a good place to die."
    How that startled me. I meant to go to Hawaii to live, not to die.
    Now... Ha-ha!... I see... No difference.

  6. How’s your eye now, Elsha? Looks like your retina's fine since your doctor's already treated that. Anyway, I just want to commend doc's photo-murals because that stuff is truly eye-catching! You can actually forget you’re there to visit your eye-doctor when you see them! =)

    Vincent Davis

    1. Hi Vincent. Nice of you to comment. Yup, my eyes are fine, thank goodness. My eye doctor's office truly is outstanding, as is he. I do confess that I pumped up the colors in the images somewhat.