Saturday, August 6, 2011


First Lucy died. 
Then Phil’s brother, Charlie, died. 
And now Jaime just went “poof” across the veil. 

His last words, a sweet “Thank you” to Pok for the apple Pok had left for him.  
“It’s so delicious.” He said.
Gracious last words from an ever gracious man. 
Goodbye, Jaime. 

 Jaime's sister, his mom, and partner Pok

This afternoon I met Jaime’s mom, his sister Barb, close friends, Lusana and Nauman, and his dear partner Pok at Kaimana Beach, Jaime’s favorite beach. 

Pok and Nauman carried the flowers that had adorned the altar in memory of Jaime. 

We walked to the closest pier to cast them in the waters and watched as wind and waves carried the flowers away from us.  

Goodbye, Jaime.
Life was infinitely richer because of you.

And now you've given me a new friend to care for and love.

Suman "Pok" Kanpirom


  1. So sorry for everyone's loss - there seems to have been so much this year; a gathering universal grief with only bright stars like your friend Jaime to puncture the gloom. May he glitter in our universal memory sky.
    My condolences.

  2. Sympathy and prayers to Jaime's ohana. I never met the man, but what a nice tribute, Elsha!