Friday, July 8, 2011


 A jumper in midair

Even though the signs say, "No Jumping," there is always plenty of jumping happening from the pier.  Today was no exception.  The wind was fierce, the waves were wild, and the pier was full of action. 

Oh, to be young and fearless...

I would be more like this:
Guess my jumping days are over

This is more my style now
What kind of game are they playing?
Does anyone know?  It's something with numbers.


  1. Some great shots, Elsha, but a little pale. Maybe it's time to trade up to a camera with more controls so you can underexpose which gives more vibrant colors, contrast, and which has a larger sensor for better image quality. May I humbly suggest the Canon s95? I'm having a lot of fun with it.

  2. Rudolf, Adobe Photoshop is the answer -- especially for very old photos that have faded with time.

    Elsha, I must say that I am relieved those kids did not dive in head first. Could have resulted in brain damage, paralysis or death. I am not exaggerating.

  3. The pier used to be much more uneven, slippery & dangerous. No side lips to sit upon as folk are doing here, plus the sides were thicker at bottom than top, so it really was body damaging & risky to try and jump off. There were always little crabs for my keiki to watch for, and a few stray tide pools on those uneven rocky sides that one could lie/sit down and visually explore the contents. Since said toddler is now 29, that is an OLD memory!!

    (I'm more fascinated by the cat sitting on the table in the carry-case than the card game. Sea air is good for house-bound companion animals?)

  4. Rudolf, thanks for your suggestion. I'll keep it in mind for when I'm ready for a new camera. With every new toy, there is another learning curve. Guess I'll wait until this one conks out.

    Gigi, you're right. It's pretty shallow around the pier. The kids wait until a good wave comes rolling by before they jump.

    Kate, you're probably thinking about the other pier, the smaller older one, located more toward Diamond Head. It's still there and the crabs are still there too. I'll post some pictures of it later. And the cat carrier or small dog carrier? I had not even noticed it. A friend of mine takes his Jackson chameleon out in a little carrier like that. He lets it loose in his garden plot so it can eat the bugs off his plants. The exotic-looking chameleon is named Michael (after Michael Jackson).

  5. Yes, I have confused the piers. I lived just off Kapahulu, about 4 or 5 long blocks or so from the oceanfront, so the Leahi one was the closest. And the zoo was $3 for an annual pass (that also got one into Foster gardens) with her free with free concerts at the zoo, I think Thursday nights. One could picnic outside the Shell and listen to the music in the air frequently, too. It was always cheap for entertainments, if nothing else, and boy we made the most of 'em! Magic days for a while there.

    I've taken my cat for walks on a leash, and travelled with a hamster - entertaining at customs- but never a chameleon named after MJ!! Fun.

  6. Summer concerts at the zoo and the aquarium are still going strong. I went with a friend to hear Olomana at the aquarium the other week. Brought some chairs, snacks and drinks and sat out on the beachwalk listening to them sing and talk story. So sweet to live Hawaii, ya?

  7. Indeed - ya!
    I'm dreadfully homesick for the aina. I imagine I'm building up this patience for some unknown reason....that time will reveal...

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